How do you make DVD autorun without Menus

I am newbie to DVD editing and DVDRemake Pro, recently purchased it and it does seem pretty good.

However managed to strip the menus from a DVD and all the extras so all that is left is the movie. When I burn it and then put it in my dvd player it works fine except I have to manually press play it does not want to auto load the film like all normal DVDs.

How do I make the film autoplay is it something to do with that first play section in DVD remake, or something else?


Since all you want is movie only, it’s a lot easier to use DVDShrink Reauthor mode and drag the title movie over. A First Play is automatically created.

If you import DVDShrink output into DRMPro, you will see what command it puts in First Play.

Thankyou worked a treat. Also did check it in DRMPRo after and it shows how it autoplays the films so in future I could just add the command in myself, very useful app.

Again thx for the suggestion :slight_smile: