How do you make bin and cue files play?

I just downloaded a movie and one file is a cue file and one is a bin file. How can I get these onto a dvd and able to play in my dvd player? :confused:

You should ask those who created these files…

Honestly, digging with copyrighted stuff (and this movie surely is when it comes in this format) is not really “allowed” here, with a purpose. :cop:

It’s okay. If a mod wants to delete this thread, go ahead. I’ve worked it out. I’d delete it myself but I’m pretty sure we don’t have that power.

Use nero and pick burn image to dvd and select the .cue file as image and click burn.

DVDDecrypter or countless other progs are better anyway.


if you want to check what you have first, you should use vcdgearto actually extract the movie from the cue/bin file
i use this all the time to save me waisting discs on poor quality movies!!
if you need vcdgear pm me or if you like i will post it in this message if allowed
let me know!!!

If it’s a Cue & Bin file then it should be directly burned to a CD, not a DVD. Don’t get put off by the size of the bin file. If it’s less than about 810mb then it’ll fit on a standard 80min(700mb) CD.

As chef suggests DVD Decrypter & now ImgBurn are better ways of burning than Nero & free too.