How do you make an exact copy of a DVD

I generally don’t have any problems at all when copying a DVD, but Tried to Copy “Golden Eye” yesterday, and it will only copy the movie to the new DVD. There are interviews and extra’s on the DVD that I would like to copy as well.

How do you make an Exact copy of a DVD, keeping everything on it?

I use AnyDVD, and for Copying I use 1Click DVD Copy. I have the latest versions, downloaded as of 2 days ago, for both programs. In the options section I have “Extras or Episodes” checked, but no others are checked.

you can use CloneCD to copy a dvd exactly, i.e a movie that is say 7gb to a dual layer dvd. You can also use dvd decrypter.

Im not 100% clear on what you want to do? Do you just want to copy the dvd so that your copy has all the content of your original, or do you want to create a disc with just the extras on it?

Trying to copy the DVD so it has all that the original DVD has on it.

go for clone cd, it will make an image of the dvd u are copying and u will get an ‘exact’ copy.


There is only one sure fire way to make an exact copy of a DVD. To rip the DVD to your hard drive use AnyDVD and to burn it to a blank Dual Layer DVD+R (for the whole dvd you must use a Dual Layer “DL” DVD+R media) you should use CloneDVD 2.

Both programs are made by SlySoft and you can take a look at them here:

If you locate the SlySoft link in cdfreaks you can save a few bucks.

For a short guide for using CloneDVD 2 see this page of mine:


Do you not mean clonedvd? I was not aware that clonecd could do that. I do know that clonedvd will do exactly what terryleemartin is asking. And it does it very, very well.

No, He means clonecd. Clonedvd will not do dual layer media. DvDFab or DvD Decrypter with AnyDvD will do the trick as well.

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Of course would clonedvd do Double Layer, but it doesn’t preserve the original layer break. Also good alternatives are dvddecrypter and Imgburn.

just reading this thread with intrest… I downloaded clonedvd2… and I burned flightplan, with all the extras, which are nearly as long as the movie… and put it on a regular 4.7gb dvd-r… i downloaded anydvd also, but I dont know how to use it… so the clone thing worked for me…


anydvd works in the background… if you copied a movie it worked

Your material will be “compressed” to about 50% of its original size now and the subsequent quality loss will be visible. Don’t put more than the main movie on a 4.7GB disc if you care about quality.

Anydvd is only needed to remove any existing copy protection/encryption that might prevent you from making the backup.


Clonedvd will not do dual layer media. DvDFab or DvD Decrypter with AnyDvD will do the trick as well.

I guess my copy of CloneDVD 2 doesn’t know that it can’t work with a dual layer disc because it burns to my Dual Layer Media just fine,



I stand corrected. Never used the program myself and under the features of CloneDvD2 on Slysoft’s site does not mention anything about doing true 1:1 copies althought it does for clonecd.

I guess I will have to try it out. But my first choice for dual layer would be DvD Fab or DvD Decrypter with AnyDvD and ImgBurn as the burn engine.

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“Exact copies of dvd” can only be made with authoring burner and media…


For a better look at the options available in CloneDVD 2, take a look at this page of mine:

After DVD Decrypter stopped being updated (over 1 year ago), I purchased and installed AnyDVD, and also purchased CloneDVD 2, which are both made by SlySoft.

Although AnyDVD is set to run anytime that I boot into windows, I still like to use DVD Decrypter to get and idea of how large a movie I am dealing with. By that I mean with AnyDVD running in the background as my primary decrypter engine, I fire up DVD Decrypter and use it at the same time.

I also give DVD Shrink a go. If DVD Shrink can’t shrink the movie, I then use CloneDVD 2 to write the entire movie to a dual layer DVD+R and by doing that, I have an exact copy of the movie.



Don’t take this wrong, but I am already quite familar with burning. I just made a wrong statement about a program that I have not used and was not 100% familar with.

I use DvD Shrink,DvD Decypter,Imgburn,DvDFab
and AnyDvD.

There has not been a movie that I couldn’t backup.

Even though DvD Decrypter is no long updated, it is still effective inconjuction with AnyDvD to rip as a image. Use Imgburn which is a current up to date program of DvD Decypter’s burn engine to make the burn.

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although clonedvd2 will do a backup of a dvd-9 it is [B]not a true[/B] 1:1 backup and can not [B]preserve the original layerbreak[/B] that’s why [B]gregtherotterius[/B] suggested clonecd as it [B]will make a true[/B] 1:1 image.
Plus it’s a waste to use +r dl’s for clonedvd2 use -r dl’s for clonedvd2 and +r dl’s for clonecd. cause +r dl’s [B]will[/B] preserve the original layerbreak and -r dl’s [B]can not[/B].

what program should i use to make a copy of just the movie on a regular 4 gb dvd? if so is it free?

Hi! Use DVD Shrink and Yes.