How do you make a URL and active link?

Many times I send URL’s (web link) to friends so they can copy and paste it in their address window and hit enter to go to that web page.

What I’d really like to be sending them are “active” URL’s that they simply click on and be taken to that URL’s web page.

How do I do this? I use Verizon Yahoo’s as my homepage and it’s a version of Internet Explorer (6.0.26) if that matters.

I don’t know if I’m wording this question properly or not but most of you will more than likely know what I mean.

Thanks a lot guys. I’d appreciate a response.


Where is the problem? Just fire up your email client, paste the link (including http://, like klick “send” and you’re done.
If the recipient can just klick on the link, that depends on the software he is using. You have no influence at that.

I use Verizon Yahoo’s as my homepage and it’s a version of Internet Explorer (6.0.26) if that matters.
This is a really outdated version and might have several security risks. Get a real browser instead: (they also have Thunderbird, a great Mail client) or (Mail client included, very slick and fast piece of software)


I was confused but thanks to you…now I’m not.

I was copying and pasting the web addresses from the site page window and pasting it in my email that I was composing…and [U]before[/U] I’d send the email with the web address in the body of the message, I’d always move my mouse over the address to see if it was an “active” link…and it never was…

But now, I see it is “received” as an active link…after I “send” it…at least that’s what’s happening in my case.

I sent myself an email (at another email client called gmail) and the message…and whola…it’s “active”…simply click on it and it takes you to the site.

So, all of those links I’ve been sending have been good (active) and I simply didn’t know it.

Thanks to you now I do…am I confusing you? This is a bit confusing. Sorry.

Ah, okay. I see. Indeed, if you compose a message with your email client, the link is “not-clickable”. That is normal, nothing to be worried about. But you found out yourself :slight_smile:


with your help. Thanks mciahel.