How do you live?



It’s tada poll time people!
This time it’s a question of money, space and landlords!
The easy question is, what is your way of life in the blessed land of rents and mortages?

I live in a house btw :slight_smile:


43 pyoung. 130 square meter area. 3 bedrooms. I don’t know whether it’s large or small. It’s large by Tokyo standard but small by US standard.

400,000 Won per month. US$1 = nearly 1,200 Won.


2 bed terrace house (for now, but i’ll be moving soon) costing about £65 per week.



4 bed rooms…2 big ones…2 small ones.
The small ones are not used as bedroom.

SO i don;t know which one i should vote for in the poll.

THe house has 2 levels. Above the shower and the bed rooms. Below…the living room , toilet and the kitchen.
We have a big garden with in the rear a gardenshack for the bikes and tools.


One day and CDR at a time :wink:

In a trailerpark of course…


Former 4-room apartment is now a 3-room apartment (living room, 1 bedroom and 1 room for computer and stuff).

Below a pic of the living room…


Nice one Tax - see Airhead, no paperwall there :wink:

*Hemi lives in a new small appartment (50s.m.) 100m away from the sea * :smiley:

360Euros for that … :frowning:


that is not that expensive when you close near the sea i guess


Originally posted by damiandimitri
that is not that expensive when you close near the sea i guess

We’re talking about Greece, which almost every place is close to the sea… :wink:

The houses here are TOO damn expensive.

As for me, I live in a 3 bedroom apartment. Happy enough with it. It’s about 95 s.m


Just bought a house ! w00t !


Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Just bought a house ! w00t !

Nice ! A caste I imagine… Nothing smaller than a 12551324(zillion) roomed castle. Wouldn’t be right for a King.


The small/big apartments I were told were measured this way in the US and I’m too lazy to find any international standard for small or big apartments.

damian: sounds like you live in a house so the vote house :wink:

My house consists of 7 rooms, kitchen and toilet, and a garage. And a garden shed :slight_smile:

Mr B, don’t forget to buy wallpaper!


i live in a 2 bedroom unit (apartment) 1 room for my computer and the other room for lovin’ :bigsmile:


looking how often we visit here

all our “loving rooms” must be pretty empty most of the time


Originally posted by damiandimitri
all our “loving rooms” must be pretty empty most of the time

Speak for yourself ! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

@ Airy:
7 rooms?! Enormous space… I share the room with my brother. Good thing he is older than me.


A 5 room apartment that now is 4 rooms at 130 sm


RedHatted: Ay plenty of space!
We have another house as well, but smaller :slight_smile:


Eh, a college dormroom. It is stuffed with 3 people when it was designed for two. :frowning:


Much like a russian jail then? :wink:


A gulag, ofcourse. :wink:

Its not that bad. Its just hard on everyone when one roommate brings over a girl, everyone has to more or less leave. So it sucks for the two people remaining. I have slept more in other people’s rooms than I did in mine. I just drink in my room it seems. Havent had a day without alcohol yet. I love college :cool: