How do you like to get down?

DVD burning that is. Are you a dash-R person or a plus-R. 2x? 4x? 8x? Do you prefer pricey Taiyo Yuden media or some decent RiTEK media? :cop:

Personally I’ve been with the DVD-R camp since the Pioneer A03 and have always been faithful to DVD-R. I use cheap OptoDisc DVD-R 4x and they’ve been ok but not great. Now I’ve jumped the fence over to DVD+R 8x land. I must say… i like it. Burned at 12x on a Ricoh 8x and whoa was it smooth.

Where do you stand?

4X +R bitset to DVD-ROM. Best price/performance/compatability ratio since most decent media can do 6X or even 8X. Fast enough for me.

Right on. What media brand do you tend to stick with?

I am on a couple packs of Maxell RicohJpnR01 I got earlier. Also have some G04 and YiJhang001 left.
On my NEC2500A Herrie v2b4 every burn is good. But I don’t have a liteon to kprobe pi/po.
I think right now the Prodiscs 4X are the best buy. Both Prodisc S03/R02 should be very consistent.