How do you like my new Avator?


sorry…i was the first one to vote…so it says 100%Its kind of bad

but i can not read it that good…can you change it collor?

Yeah, I can change the color, but I’ll do it tommorow (already 12:17 AM over here, I got some work I need to finish up… Come to think of it, I shouldn’t even be typing this.)

ok…i should to go work also…glad my boss starts to work a hour later then me…lol


ps…6:38 in the morning over here

It’s ok,i’ve seen worse.

Sorry , but that’s one hell of a crappy avatar.

Your previous one was much much better

Yep, stinky-green is not my favourite color…
Sorry… :frowning:

erm… what’s an avator?

it is the picture under our names

thanks… how do u make one?

Use the search function of this forum and you will learn how to use/upload your own avatar.

it’s avatAr by the way

yeah thanks, it tweaked afterwards, but i couldn’t be bothered to edit it.

What about now?

nice one

much better