How do you label your burned discs?

I just posted the article How do you label your burned discs?.

  Everyone that burns a lot of discs must face a  problem: How to label discs. There are various solutions, some fancy, others  merely practical, but different people have different tastes, so a...
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With a Sharpie

Epson Stylus Photo R220

Me too H3rB3i :X The R200 rocks. I especialy like it for the CDs that I have backed up for the slot loader in the car. No worries about a paper label jamming up in there. They work just like the original discs. :d


LightScribe :slight_smile:

Sharpie is the cheapest method and also the simplest.

sharpie all the way :slight_smile:

the one and only good’ol Epson R220 with generic Ridisc inks $1 per cartridge which are as every bit as good as OEM originals, believe me I’ve meticulosly compared the two and I’m a very picky person.:wink:

with generic Ridisc inks $1 per cartridge wow man we are being taken for a ride here in uk do you have a link for the carts at that price ?

heck with discs, just add more hard drives :slight_smile: I rarely burn anything anymore. I rather put it on my media server and access it with the HTPC.

R340 :B Its the greatest :smiley:

Sharpie always…but do use different colors :slight_smile:

Samsung Laser + paper labels:B Just want to see myself if i’m gonna be screwed :slight_smile:

Epson R320 and inkjet printable media. I’ve used TDK (CMC), Ritek and Benq (Daxon) printable media with no problems and excellent results.:slight_smile:

EPSON R200 Series rulez! Used widely by video editing experts, and duplication facilities. Coupled with external ink bottles (bought in bulk and cheap), and unlimited printing!


Epson R320 followed by a light spray on coating of an acrylic sealer (Krylon et. al.). Careful not to let any over-spray get under on the burn side though.:X

I insert the recorded discs into paper envelopes, and write on the envelope with a pencil. No need to touch the disc more than necessary. :slight_smile:

Its the best because its fast and cheap…