How do you know if your burner is dying?

I’m just wondering what the signs are for a dying burner (also, what are the reasons it’s dying in terms of technology)? Does the burner all of a sudden just crap out and stop working, or is a slow gradual process where the discs are being burned with more errors? What are these errors?


It could be what you are decribing. It may gradually fail or just stop working.

At the cost of new burners these days from £20 in the uk and probably $30 in the states it might be worth while getting another to confirm this.

It could also be a problem with your media as you don’t say what brand/media id you are using.

The burners that I have had that died either gradually failed or quite suddenly.I suspect suspect that when suddenly it is the spinner in the unit.

Sorry, forgot that’s a good point. As most of the people on here, I only use Verbatim, and for the most part I’m only burning DVD+R DL’s. The reason I’m asking is that in certain parts of recent movies, I’m noticing a little lite pixellation. Nothing major of course, just a touch. Is this the sign of a dying burner?

It may be the sign of a dying dvd player.I have noticed this problem in the past.