How do you know if the drive is a dud?

Okay… I’m about ready to explode. I’ve had nothing but problems since I got my drive. All errors have been the exact same…

“Failed to Write Sectors 1841312 - 1841343 - The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

I’ve tried firmware versions from L9 on up through V9. I’ve used my Ritek-R04, Fuji TYG02, Verbatim MCC, and still nothing has changed. I think I’ve made about 25 frisbees testing all the different scenarios.

At what point is it not the disks or firmware… but the damn drive itself?

I bought it from Newegg… what’s the best way to go about this? Go to BenQ directly, or back to Newegg?

Any and all suggestions welcomed. I’m at my wits end here. :a

If you decided to exchange, RMA it to newegg electronically and you will get a new one. The bad part is you will have to pay shipping to newegg but newegg will cover the shipping back to you.

I’ve experienced rma-ing through newegg (other drive) even after 4 months of initial purchase date.

yeah that’s the bad part about ordering online is the shipping cost.

although newegg was good about getting it back quick.

i have a idea you can try before you ship it back.

BenQ doesn’t seem to work well in the heat.

so try shutting your computer down overnight and try again in the morning.

i have done this before and it has worked.

i would suggest buying one local so you can replace easier.

when you ship it back. it should go back to newegg if you just got it.
they will refund you or let you try another one.