How do you keep an idiot busy for hours?



click here


was gonna say teach them how to spell idiot but you got it in time :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m too quick :slight_smile:


i’m quicker and evil as, so for those that missed it.


Lol :slight_smile:


Ok you win I loose. I fell for it :clap:

Remind me to kill her in the morning :bigsmile:


damn “back” button!

unless of course you take screenshots of every page, in which case you need a life :stuck_out_tongue:


nah tabs in Firefox


haha i do the same thing. i open every thread I haven’t read in a new tab and go through them one by one




Lol :)[/QUOTE]Lol :)[/QUOTE]Lol :)[/QUOTE]Lol :)[/QUOTE]Lol :)[/QUOTE]Lol :)[/QUOTE]
Lol :slight_smile:


^Just answered the questionwith a demonstration-eh!

hehe :wink: :iagree:


3 seconds of highlighting, 1 second of copying and 10 seconds of pasting :wink:


Bwahahahaha nice catch :wink:


Insania :confused:


Heh… I don’t get it… I keep clicking and new tabs keep opening… What am I missing?

I don’t like this game… :bigsmile:




:confused: 16 hours now and i’m still going strong :eek: :clap:
:doh: there’s one in every village :iagree:
ps :bigsmile: i think the links not workin right :wink:


sit them down with a computer with a 7900 gt, 1gb ram, and either far cry or counter strike and u got a match made in heaven :bigsmile: