How do you join 4 cd isos to dvd

Hi guys
I want to know how i can make a full dvd copy of the Sims 2 4 Cd game. I have the 4 cd’s isos can they be put together onto a dvd. Please tell me how.

There are several threads on the same subject…
Don’t know the answer myself, but you might find it sooner by checking those threads (in Newbie forum also).

ill check mate. thx

You need to find out what kind of formats these ISOs are in? AVI or MPEG or ??? You can select a video joiner to combing them together.

ISOs are disc images…

they can’t be avi or mpeg…they contain all the information that is on any given disc. they’re not video, so a “video joiner” wouldn’t work.

Image the discs -> Copy images onto a DVD with a copy of Daemon tools, or Some virtual drive program.

You might want to have a look at this site. It is deals with coverting multaple cds to single DVDS. Including Sims 2.