How do you install XP on a Computer that came with Vista

Hello to all
As you all know I’m not a new here but I new some info on how to install XP Profession on a computer…(HP d4890y) that came with Vista Home Premium, this is a so called “High Performance” PC BUT with Vista on it I can’t run 95% of my software OR games so to me this PC is totally useless.
I have tried installing the normal way but when it first starts the option to install XP is blacked out :confused: , I also tried Boot from the CD at start-up but it said that it ran into an error and could not continue :confused: .
Any help out there for a Die Hard :bigsmile:

Is Dual boot out of the question?

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) – the step-by-step guide

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I want to thank you for your response on this matter :clap: I have checked out the link you gave it would seem that would work but if that is my only option then I think it would be easier to just take the Hard Drive out and replace it with a new one and keep the one with Vista on the shelf if I decide to use Vista at a later time :smiley: again thank you for your input :flower:

Hi stormjumper…

I loaded vista onto my pc but a different partition and used a dual boot for a while… trouble is as you have learned not many programs are compatible…I then ran into trouble and couldn’t open XP Pro again because I played with the boot sequence…

I had to clean install my XP Pro and reformatt the two partitions to get rid of vista… The other two partitions I didn’t touch and still work fine…

If the system is set to boot from cd then I can’t see why you can’t reload the XP Pro by reformatting one of the partitions…or the whole drive…

good luck…

Hi Seven of nine
As the tittle of this thread states Vista came preloaded on the PC :frowning: , not sure why Boot from CD will not work :confused: all I know is that the HDD that I have in the PC is 450GB and is not cheap :eek: .
But I will keep trying and if need be I will rip it out and put a new one in as stated in my last reply :cool:

Well. My Dell didn’t come pre-loaded with vista, I isntalled it but here recently Vista Started screwing up on me. So I went back to install Xp Pro but for some reason It whouldnt get past “Windows is Loading” it whould give me some corrupt error then shut down. So I evenutly found my Xp MCE (that came with my dell) and it worked. It has to do with the BIOS. Most Custom Built PCs don’t have this problem, however HP, Dell, Toshiba, ext. are all namebrands that tend not to be very combaitable with anything. A PC that was built just for Vista probably will have problems if you ever get XP up and runnning, the drives for soundcards, ext. may not be compatiable with XP.

Hi Tim. You can take that hard drive out and put in another hard drive but not from another puter as the chipset drivers and such will be different and won’t work right.

So if you want take out the drive and put another one in and format it and load XP on it.
You will need the chipset drivers for your new mobo though. You can probably get those off the website you bought your new machine from.

Then you can swap out drives if you want to go back to Vi$ta.

I would wait till you have all the drivers you need before attempting this. You might be able to get them off your Vi$ta install disc :wink:

This is getting stranger by the second - me and my mum just got a Dell each, and I’m in the process of installing XP on both (they came with Vista).

So far, I’ve installed XP on one machine, and it went just fine. Nothing in my Dell BIOS that limits what OS you put on it. :confused:

Don’t you need the chipset drivers and such?

Got 'em. Courtesy of the Dell Drivers and Utilities DVD :wink: - only thing I had to do was set the SATA to IDE mode in the BIOS since there wasn’t a util to create a driver disc.

(edit: why did I say floppy when neither machine has a floppy drive?!)

Maybe that will help Tim out :wink:

Fingers crossed. I did wonder if the problem might be to do with the SATA mode in the BIOS. :wink:

It’s second nature to me but i know a lot of people don’t know how. I have put my time in reading that’s for sure :bigsmile:

OK, you got me curious: What’s second nature to you, and a lot of people don’t know how what :bigsmile:

Formating,loading XP,loading chipset drivers (mobo drivers),going into the bios and changing setting etc…

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, me too :iagree:

Take the easy way out. Just add another hard drive and load XP on it. You will have dual boot by using the BIOS to switch between them. That way it automatically boots up to the same OS until you manually change it in the BIOS. As you acquire the software, you can wean your way into using Vista more and more.

I am capable of using Vista and know my way around within the system :smiley: the issue is compatibility with hundreds of dollars I have invested in software and games :eek: , so I don’t need to wean my way into it and I’m not looking for a nurse maid :stuck_out_tongue: have a nice day :cool:

Hey Stormjumper, I’m a homer, formerly of Aloha now in Vancouver, WA :slight_smile:

In your situation, here’s what I would do :

  1. Clean-up and defrag
  2. Use Acronis or similar to save the Vista profile for future purposes.
    If you have a manufactured comp, you probably have a “hidden partition”…make sure you get a snapshot of that or your Vista “Rescue Disk” won’t work (for future considerations)
  3. You can now partition and format the drive as needed. Use any of several partitioning utilities…your HD mfr’s, GParted (my fave), Partition Commander, Partition Magic etc, etc.
  4. Install XP

You don’t have to pre-partition, XP can do it, but I prefer to have my OS partition ready, file system chosen and set to active (primary) before XP sees it.

For a low-level wipe I like DBAN… not necessary in this case, but a good way to scour an infected drive.

At a later date, if you want to install Vista, prep a partition and Vista will “see” XP and set up a dual-boot with it.

Hi jflan
Thanks for the info :smiley: where about did you live here in Aloha :confused: to bad you moved would have been great if you still did could have had you come over to help me out and maybe have dinner or something :cool: