How do you ID the media in a store?

Have read quite a few posts here before registering and I’m sure I just missed it.

I see where people will say that some store is selling blank DVDs labeled as Brand Z 4x media, but it’s really Brand Y that can burn at 8x. What are people looking at to identify what media it is before buying it?

there are several things people look at first is most important. Made in Taiwan or Japan

you can also look at the color of the bottom of the spindle weater some are grey or black and so on

Have a look in the bargin basement an look were people are saying such things also look through the media forum

One thing you can do is find a good dealer online and stick with them once you find the right one…I like and get most of my stuff from

once you get the disk you should run dvd identifier or nero info tool or something to find out the mid code that will tell you everything

hope this helps

I can’t tell, so I buy them to find out. :slight_smile:


If you buy Verbatim or Maxell brands in a store - you are getting extremely good media and can’t really go wrong-

If you buy one line then stick with reliable brands like Ritek, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and buy from reliable sources like or or and again you can’t go wrong-

Otherwise - spend some time in here reading about medias and especially in the Bargain Basement Forum - and my fellow cdfreaks will educate you on wise instore bargains and what is contained within the packages-


Take a look here and see what is good or not this may help alot

Thanks to all for the replies. :cool: