How do you guys tell what is what before opening?

Hey quick question here, How do you guys tell which brand of media at the stores is ty or mcc?
What I mean is, when you’re at the store and are looking at 5000x brands of dvd, I know some are mij and some are mit, but other than by what country they’re made in, how the hell do you know which is ty, or cmc or ritek, etc?

I know verbs are mostly mcc, but the ty ones seem to be a crapshoot. I looked around and there isn’t a post that really has it definately stated which brand of disc is made by who (ex. ty or mcc, ricohjpn)…
Now I realize those change from time to time, but wouldn’t it be easy to make a little database of some sorts and sticky it so noobs like me can look at what brands and speeds are more than likely ty or mcc, without wading through a ton of posts looking for a certain brand and speed that is confirmed.
what do you guys think?
I just mention this because I had to guess on 2 spindles before I had time to read up on what brands to get here, and I guessed wrong…
Now I have to take 2 spindles back that I opened and used a disc from each because they both suck… not gonna be fun :frowning:

mods, any imput on this?

The only ones I can identify are the TYs 8x +rs. These have shown up as Fujifilm and Sony.
If you can hold the spindle to catch the light, the serial number on the inner hub should be TG00011XX - where xx is a number such as 58.

The easiest way is to avoid buying from stores and buy the manufacturers own label online. Go to for great deals on 8x unbranded TY. It might cost you a little bit more than the in-store specials but it certainly beats the regular media prices and it takes away all of the guesswork. When you buy TY from you always know that you are getting TY. The bottom line is that store brand media are always changing out who they outsource to, so it does no good to post what media is what as what is true today, may not be true a couple of months down the road (or what was true a couple of months ago may not be true today).

There is a database already here:

but you will find buying from stores and getting brand names is exactly what you said; a crap shoot. Even when you know what you are looking for the brand names can change what they are doing and stiff you (see Fuji). If you want TY it is much more reliable to buy on line. Rima, Supermedia, Meritline, Newegg, Allmediaoutlet, all sell genuine TY when they state it is genuine TY.

Just don’t fall in love with Ricoh or you will shoot yourself trying to find that.