How do you get the widescreen movie to fill the zune screen?



Hey everyone just needing a little help here. I got the new update, and since then The Dark Knight will not convert to mobile. It freezes up everytime, even after it says it is complete. So I put on a disc, then tried it again from the that disc, same problem. Also tried to crop to get to fit the zune screen and it would not do that either. Any Ideas?? Thanks!!!


I do not do mobile but have you tried ripping full disc to your hard drive first. Then you do the mobile conversion as this might work for that movie


What Mobile option did you choose? Maybe I can try and replicate your problem?


I used the zune option. yea GJ I ripped it then tried to do it and it still had the same problem.


ok alan or another member I am sure will be able to help you with this problem as like I mentioned I do not do mobile. Just have not got around to buying a mobile device just yet.


I am not sure about the freezing up, but here is how to get the picture to fill the screen: (see the screen capture below)

[li]Select Advanced Resolution Settings from the Conversion Settings page
[/li][li]Select “Supported By Device” in the upper right.
[/li][li]Select one of the 1.77778 screens. For faster encode and smaller file, select the smaller one as in the example.
[/li][li]Set the Resize slider to around 88-91%. The higher you set it, the more of the image will be cropped from the sides.
[/li][li]When everything is set, click OK on this page and on Conversion Settings, then click Start.

Which Zune profile are you using? I used the h264+aac one with Dark Knight and it worked fine, but I only did the first 3 chapters for the test. I don’t have a Zune to test the file, but it played fine in VLC.


I am going to try that out. The freezing part is on the new update. It completes the rip but when you go to play it back it freezes up. I went and redownload the cause it worked on that one.




You’re welcome, but tell us which of the two Zune profiles you used.


Sorry but I am not sure what you mean? I just use the one that comes up when you go mobile. Sorry if I sound dumb, just not sure what you mean.


Up at the top of the Conversion Settings page, there are two dropdown selectors. The one on the right lets you choose from two profiles, one is h264+aac, the other is wmv/wma. I think the top one is h264+aac, so if you didn’t change anything up there, that should be the one you got. Makes a .MP4 file. Also, I think you may have to experiment with the resize slider or screen size to fill up the screen 100%, as I said no Zune to test with so I can’t be sure.


it worked great!!! That was what i needed to do was the resize bar.
yea the h264+aac is what i am using. Thanks again.


Glad it worked! Movies with different aspect ratios will require different settings of resize, or in some cases (4:3 movie or TV show) none at all.


I just bought a Zune 80GB for my daughter. I’ve been using DVDFab Platinum for a while now to rip my DVD’s to ISO files for playback on XBox’s (w/XBMC) in my house. Rather than start up a new thread, I figured I’d just bump this one. I’d like to convert several of my ISO files to a Zune-friendly format and preload a bunch of them for when she unwraps the Zune on Xmas.

A couple of questions:

  1. What’s the recommended settings to use to get the best quality for use if I only care about playing them back on the Zune (i.e., no need to go higher than 320x240 resolution)? How long will this typically take to convert and how large will a typical movie be?

2a) I understand that you can connect a Zune to a TV and playback at up to 720x480 resolution, but I didn’t seem to see any settings for that within DVDFab (640x480 was the highest resolution I saw). Is this a current limitation of DVDFab (hopefully to be added at some point) or am I missing something?
2b) If I wanted to convert to a TV/Zune-capable format, what are the recommended settings for that? How noticeable will the PQ loss be (as compared to my straight ISO rips) when viewed on a TV? How much longer will converting to this higher-res format take as compared to the 320x240 conversion? About how big will these files be?


Wow, bunches of questions. I have the Mobile option for DVD Fab and I use the Zune.wmv profile, tweaked to 320x180 to get the 16:9 aspect ratio. You are just wasting bits at anything higher than 320x240. I haven’t timed it but it takes about 90 minutes to convert a 120 minute movie. The resulting files are about 600M for a two hour movie.

If you wanted to do 16:9 movies and use the TV out, I would suggest the 640x360 setting (Advanced Resolution Settings -> Supported by device). That way you will still get something that isn’t stretched but that will look as good as possible on the TV. On anything but your 42" HDTV, 640x360 will not show a noticeable quality loss. If you are jacking your Zune into anything less than a 36" RCA tube, I’d stick with the 320x240 as it will look fine on the 9" LCD in the car. As you might expect the 640x360 files will be twice as big (about 1.2G for 2 hours). Personally, I let quality take a back seat to quantity when I’m going portable. Do I really need Ocean’s Thirteen in Hi-Def to keep the kids amused on the way to Grandma’s?

I would expect the conversion time to be about the same. Load up an ISO, try a conversion of only 1 chapter and try it out in the Zune and on your TV. It will only take about 10 minutes and once you find what works for you, you can save it and do a bunch. Merry Christmas, you have a lucky daughter. I love movies in the car on my Zune.


Thanks for the suggestions. I decided (for now anyway) to just convert the shows for watching on the Zune. So I won’t worry about 720x480, though it seems like the DVDFab team ought to add that resolution as an option.

So for now I’m converting to 320x240. I’m also using the Pan&Scan slider (not truly Pan & Scan), to crop the left/right sides so as to eliminate any black borders on the top/bottom. I’m usually a purist about that sort of thing, but the videos are for my daughter, so she won’t care, and I think filling the screen is probably better when you’re dealing with such a small screen to begin with.

I’ve run into a few issues converting with DVDFab, though. A couple of times it basically stopped converting, though the elapsed time kept ticking along. I kicked off a 2-hour movie conversion last night, and this morning it wasn’t done (elapsed time 10 hours and ticking). I don’t know if it’s a bug with DVDFab or something weird with my system. This morning I switched off Vista’s power-saving feature to disable the monitor after 20 minutes (though I would have expected that turning off the power to the monitor shouldn’t have affected any running processes). I suspect that the problem may have more to do with the fact that I’m reading the source ISO file off of my external Western Digital hard drive which is connected directly to my desktop via Firewire. I’m thinking that it’s going into some sort of power-saving mode midway through the conversion (perhaps at some point during the conversion process, DVDFab stops reading from the hard drive for a while and the hard drive goes to sleep, then DVDFab doesn’t wake it back up again?). I successfully converted the video later, and am converting another one now. But I think for my next conversions, I may copy the source ISO file temporarily over to my desktop’s hard drive.


I’m using XP and I have two power settings: Normal and Media.
Normal goes to screen saver, monitor off, hard disks off but never goes to system standby.
Media is NEVER across the board.

All kinds of bad things happen when you go to system standby. Those same bad things happen to DVD/CD read/write programs when screensaver, power, etc. start up in the middle of a process.