How do you get the best Sound Quality when burning/copying a cd to a cd-r?

Hi, I’ve been trying to copy some store bought CDs to Cd-r. It always seems like the sound quality of the cd-r is a notch below the original CD. The recording level is never as high, I have to turn the volume up higher when listening to the cd-r than I would have while listening to the original cd. I’m mostly interested in making copies/mixes of store bought CDs, not stuff from the internet. I was hoping somebody could tell me what the process is to getting the best sounding cd-r possible. Should the settings be set a certain way? ANy information would help-Thanks!

are you converting them to mp3? if you want original quality wav is best.

I don’t know too much about this stuff, how would I avoid converting them to MP3? I have a new HP desktop and I pretty much go through the process it walks me through when I put the original CD into the computer. How would I make sure I’m using wav, not sure exactly what that is. Thanks.

use cdex its free and just select wav - wav.

edit: press F8 = cd to wav

for 100% accurate rippping its best to use exact audio copy

What does Cdex enable me to do that I can’t with my computer? Remember I really don’t know too much about this stuff. Thanks

if you want to maintain original quality you must rip the tracks to uncompressed wav’s exact audio copy/cdex can do that but exact audio copy is the better choice much more accurate

I’ll look into the exact audio. Is it complicated? I feel like a moron when it comes to this stuff, it is kind of annoying. Once I download this to me computer what is the next step. Thanks again for the help.

dont know what software you was using before so cant comment on that.

follows phil_s link for eac, it only cost the price of a post card. i just use cdex to convert my cds to mp3 and i dont notice any differnce (but then again iam tone deaf :sad: , so the wife says anyway)

Well the sound quality of the Cd-rs I’ve been making aren’t bad, but I can definitely hear a difference between them and the original. I’m pretty picky when it comes to sound quality.

not complicated at all very easy

first of install forceaspi

in eac menu goto
file>>configuration wizard>>next
there you should tick the cd/dvd burners only after that click next and select "i prefer to have accurate results"and click “next”
now eac should test your drive abilities so insert a non-scratched audio cd in the drive and click “next” and select “use these values”
select “install and configure the external lame.exe compressor” if you want eac to download lame an mp3 encoder so youll also be able to rip cds to mp3s instead of wavs of course mp3 is a lossy format and does not compare to wav click next leave “your email address” blank and select “i am an expert let me use the fullpotential of eac” and click “finish” in menu goto eac>>eac options>>extractions down in "error recovery quality select “high” and in “filename” tab you can change the file naming format goto “directories” tab if you wanna select the folder where the files will be ripped to otherwise you will be asked for a folder everytime youll rip get into “interface tab” and make sure “installed external aspi interface” is selected and click ok,for every original cd there is a database on the internet so when you have an original cd in the drive click alt+g to retierve track infos,to rip just select a single audio track by left clicking it or few/all tracks (for that put the mouse pointer after the “title” of the track and left click without releasing and move it down or up and to the left to make the selection then release) after you selected the track/s click the WAV icon and select the folder and click “save” to start , anyway if you wanna change the track title just leftclick the title and click F2 and put whatever you want ,if you wanna edit the cd title/artist just delete it and put whatever

note: the reason i said to tick only cd/dvd burners is cuz
in most cases they are better withs scratched & protected audio cds
and you need to goto menu and get to the wizard only if that was alredy configured cuz in first time you run eac it should popup that wizard

edit: some audio cds are copy protected and you need a burner that supports such protections to be able to rip it ,use a-ray scanner to figure it out and in eac when having protected cd goto action>>toc alterations>>retiereve native toc on the otherhand you can try anydvd which supports audio protections


its freeware its possible to donate but…

Umm… no need for any ASPI with EAC, it uses SPTI now.

I should just go straight to EAC?

Go straight into EAC, run the Config Wizard from the File menu, look through naming options and such and tweak to your liking, then rip.

Once I rip the music, is there a trick to creating a good quality CD-R copy. Is that done through EAC also? Thanks

It can be done through EAC if you grabbed the package with CDRDAO. But any program you may have will do a fine job of burning an audio CD. If you don’t have any, my favorite, free, audio CD burning program is Burrrn.

Once I’ve used EAC to extract the tracks to my harddrive what is the best way to go about burning the cd-r. DO i go through EAC, or should I just use the Windows media player?

ALso by Using Eac will I notice a big difference in SOund Quality over just ripping and burning them through WIndows Media Player? I think I use the lossless which I think makes the best cdr-s using this windows media player. Thanks!

I would also use Burrrn as mentioned above. Install Burrrn and just drag the extracted .wav files to Burrrn and burn the CD. If you’re copying a CD losslessly, you will NOT be able to hear a difference. If you do it’s in your mind. Otherwise you messed up the process somewhere along the line.

“Otherwise you messed up the process somewhere along the line.”

This is most likely the case, at some point I’ll have a better undertstanding of this stuff.

A possible reason you are hearing a difference when u copy a CD to CDR is because of Windows Media Player. Dont use Windows Media Player for anything other than watching a video or playing a song. Winamp is better for playing music on a PC. Also what CD burning software do u have on your computer? Looks like Burrrn may be a good program for burning music CDs, as mentioned earlier, although I’ve never tried it.