How do you get subtitles on a burned dvd?

Hi, I have a movie that is from Denmark. The file I d/led has a french and english subtitle file, but when I play the movie on my computer, I do not see an option to use subtitles. If I burn this movie onto a disc, will it have the option of subtitles? I use Nero 3 express, I am new to dvd burning. Thanks.

What are you using to play dvd?? You can usually select subtitles from menu for example power dvd to subtitles and select language.

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Can you explain better? Where you got these files?

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I am not familiar with Nero 3, but unless you tell your burning software to not copy the subtitles (by unchecking them when you see them before writing the files to your hard drive), the subtitles will stay there.

If you had PowerDVD, you could play the movie in your computer and find the option that said “Titles Menu” or “Root Menu,” and you could enable subtitles from there. When some movies are played, for some reason, subtitles are not enabled, so they have to be selected from the Subtitles menu. If you already had the movie on a DVD, you could put it in your standalone DVD player, your DVD standable remote might have a “Subtitles” button to press, where you can scroll through the subtitle options, then select the one you want. :wink:

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What software did you use to burn it?
And I’ll try to help, I use Nero 7.

thanks for the answers. I am using Nero 3 express, it came with the dvd burner I just bought. I got the movie from a torrent site. The file I downloaded said it had french and english subtitles, and when I look in the movies folder on my hardrive I see sustitle files. When I watch the movie on my computer with windows I do not have the option for subtitles. Basically I am just wondering, before I waste a blank dvd, will the subtitles show up as an option when I burn the movie onto a disk? Thanks

If you use VSO ConvertXtoDvd you can make a DVD eith subs providing you put the
.srt files in the menu as a subtitle stream. You can also use Subtitleworkshop to check and time the subs to the movie.

Why do you use Nero Express 3? Are you re-authoring the DVD or do you want just to make a copy of it?
If you just copy, you get the same structure as the original, i.e., if you have sub-titles you get them in the copy.
Reading/playing is software and/or palyer dependent (in the case of standalone player), you wer give indications about computer DVD players in prior posts.
If you want to re-author the DVD, either you use Nero Recode and don’t eliminate the files that manage the sub-titles or you have to look elswere - Express 3 doesn’t seem to be the authoring package to do that job.

I am using nero 3 express because that is what came with my dvd burner and I do not know anything about computers.

So basically if I use nero 3 to burn the movie from my harddrive to a dvd, it will not have the subtitles option?

Do you want both subtitles in the movie?
You should see them playing on Nero preview what you are to burn with the nero program. The last step before you burn.
What you see is what you get.
I get those and prefer not to have the subtitles run on the bottom.
If you want them, add them to the files to be burned. The programs now are very “user friendly”.