How do you get rid of fuzzy line at bottom on video(vhs) capture

I use Sapphire Theatrix to capture video from my vhs player. Unfortunately, there’s only PowerCinema 3 oem that it can record from . I like the on the fly mpeg conversion though. Is there anyway to get rid of that fuzzy line at the bottom.

I’ve seen this with other mpg videos, and even some on vcds, which led to assume their using the same capture method as I am. but still others say that they capture it from vhs but I don’t see any lines at the bottom. So, there’s got to be a way.

I also own a WinTV pvr150, which I believe much more supported by third party video programs. But I like Theatrix because it has better picture (may be its that filtering circuitry that it has?). I’m thinking of using WinTV and a third party software (your recommendation) to capture video and getting rid of that fuzzy line at bottom.

The only way to get rid of that fuzzy line (usually a scart unprotection or just a bad scan) is to get rid of the total line. This means that you need to crop the video source with some tool.

There can be an huge disadvantage though: when you crop the video, your television may try to extrapolate the image to get it full screen again, resulting in lots of tiny pixelating artifacts.

High quality recording devices start at $1000.