How do you get newer disney movies to copy and burn



my son has quite a few disney movies that we wanted to back up so they don’t get damaged, but dvdfab will not copy them at all. any help is appreciated


Is your software up to date. There are other ripping software, you can try DVD Shrink (free), but old one.
Get updated Fab it should work. Latest is


i have the newest dvdfab gold some of them will copy but some just try to keep reading the dvd


In that case you can try RipIt4Me(free) or AnyDVD(not free), it is possible that Fab is not ready for what you have.
Latest Fab is 5.2(Dec.18/2008) not 5.1


ok thanks i will give those a try


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Change pathplayer to always enabled and it should work on the Disney. I just did the new little mermaid and dvdfab had no troubles with it. The default for pathplayer is enable when necessary and usually gives users trouble when backing up DVDs