How do you get 2 svcd's on 1 dvd?

I have 2 svcd’s that I want on 1 dvd. I can’t put them on cd because they are both 800 mb. I tried several things… whitout any results :confused: . Can somebody help me? :bow:


Take the mpeg files off of the SVCDs, join them, then from there encode the DVD

DVDLab can use SVCD video as a source file. That way you can use the video without having to re-encode to DVD compliant specs. You’ll also be able to have menu’s that will select which movie to view. It won’t be a 100% compliant DVD, but will work in most players.

BTW, your 800MB SVCD files will fit on a CD if you author your CD as an SVCD disc. They will fit no problem.