How do you flash with a cvt file

can someone explain how you upgrade firmware through cvt files. aren’t you supposed to run the exe. i mean all the firmware you dload comes in the .exe. but i keep hearing flashing with cvt’s. i’m confused.

You need WinDWFlash from here.

Read also this thread

Edit. Link for WinDWFlash not working right now. Download attachment. :wink: (23 KB)

grazie. now to clarify a few things to see if i’m on the right page here. i got a OEM g firmware. now the first thing i do is update to the newest g firmware from Benq website or is that not necessary. now if i want to cross flash to become a retail, i would have to dload the windwflash.exe and use that with one of the cvt files, say the b7p9. once i do that, i can then update to the newest benq firmware, which is the b7t9. so to recap.

  1. get the latest g firmware before cross flashing or is this optional
  2. cross flash using windwflash with a cvt file. which one would you recommend, the newest or b7p9
    3)once the cross flash is done, i should dload the newest retail firmware, the b7t9 and flash the drive with that.

would these steps be about right for making the OEM into a retail Benq 1620 pro or i’m a missing something.

also, if i want to make all the discs region free, do i use the RPC1 utility after i flash it to the retail firmware, b7p9 or b7t9. i’m a bit unsure as to when to do this.


That looks good to me… :slight_smile:

nealh gave good answer in another thread a few hours ago here.

Don’t be afraid to flash twice the last firmware (restart your computer between each flash).

Flashing it once is all you need. There have been a few theories favoring multiple flash, but none were proven in a technical level.

Download the .cvt file you want, then use WinDWFlash to flash the drive. After one reboot everything must be fine. You can even edit the .cvt file for faster read or overspeed, it’s just up to you.

for the BenQ1620, (reflashed Phillips 8631)

What is the difference vetween the RPC-1 .cvt file and the plain one ??


The RPC-1 cvt file allows the drive to be region free. With additional software this allows you to play discs from any region rather than just one.

I am glad people answer these post as I bought a 1620 bulk today and got totally confused looking through all the post. Found this thread and I have gotten it to Retail F/W B7T9 from G7xx and am now going to try B7U9. :slight_smile:

crossg is right. It took me about an hour of reading and searching to confirm exactly what this thread stated clearly in one place. All that is needed to make this complete in the links below.

Maybe one of the modertors should consider making this a sticky?

This BenQ/Philips forum lacks a general FAQ. I heard that it is being made but rather than waiting for the full manual we can begin to create one on our own.
The NEC forum FAQ can be a good example.

It would definitely help! I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to flash without messing up my drive. Actually I ended up following chas0039 around the forum as he was asking pretty much the same questions. Did get my drive succesfully flashed to B7U9. :slight_smile:

That’s it. Get me a Mounty. I’m filing a complaint for stalking. :cop:

Hehe! Thanks for hard work!! :bigsmile:


What am I doing wrong?
I’ve downloaded the WinDWflash.exe file.
I’ve downloaded the B7T9.cvt.rar file

I’m trying to cross flash my OEM drive.

I run WinDWflash.exe, point to the B7T9.cvt.rar file (have to change from *.cvt to all files) and when I point to the file I get a checksum error.

Is there a way to download the *.cvt file and not the *.cvt.rar
or do need to do something to the *.cvt.rar file.

Never mind, I found the rar uncompressor while doing a google search.

You have to unpack first a rar file to a file with .cvt extention

everyone was pointing cvt files to But that site is not available anymore. Where can I B7x9.cvt? Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum. Try here. Should be fine if using IE. With FF right click link, goto open in an IE tab & click.

thanks a lot