How do you flash Sony drives with Lite-On firmware?

How do you flash Sony drives with Lite-On firmware ? I haven’t flashed firmware on any optical drive before, but thought I might give it a try. Here is why I want to do so. Anyways I think I have a Lite-On SOHC-5236. Cos the appearance and the features matches 100%. I just tried to run the updater from Lite-On site which gave an error saying wrong model as I predicted. So how can I do it? BTW is there a way to verify that the firmware is compatible before flashing. Like comparing some header parts of both existing and the new firmware? I might actually not do it , but just wanted to know.

go to this site

and read what firmwares are compatible with your drive…

just compare the first letter/number of the firmware revision. oems use the same firmware naming as lite-on. does not have a firmware update for SOHC-5236K model. However has it. The latest revision number of the Lite-On is called RK05 and the first revision is RK01, what I have on my Sony is something called RYK1, are they same?

RYK1 and RK01 should be the same. you can download RK05 and flashfix it, so it’ll let you flash your sony. you just need this program: