How do you flash bin file to usb dvdrw?


I have recently purchased a BTC 1016ui dvdrw 16x. The problem is that it cannot write at 8x. As it approaches 7.7-7.8x the internal buffer goes bannanas and fluctuates crazily only sustaining a minimal burn speed. It can however burn at 4x fine.

Initially i tried all the good stuff(Firmware / media / burning apps / pc) to try and narrow down the problem.

It is definatelythe drive.

At this stage I have managed to produce a .bin file from the latest BTC firmware which came from the Mediacodespeededit tool. But now I am lost.

Can anybody please tell me how to flash a .bin file to an external USB2 dvdrw drive(mtkflash seems only to be for internal IDE drives) ??

or am i DOOMED ??

Any advice greatly appreciated


Connect the drive internally to an IDE channel, that’s your best chance.

I have the same drive as slim, a BTC 1016ui dvdrw 16x (external USB), but it’s currently hosed after attempting a flash update today via (A071 -> A07R). (Solid green LED on faceplate, no drive showing up in windows)

So I think I HAVE to do a DOS update. But I’m going to have to be quite DOOMED indeed before I attempt to pry the drive out of its case. Surely there MUST be a way to DOS flash a USB drive… or is mtkflash my only option?

Please advise, any help is appreciated.

neomojo… did you get an answer or find a fix ?

I have the same 1016ui dvdrw 16x usb. I just tried to flash A087 to A187 with and got the exactly same result : green led stays on after reboot and drive not recognised. Log shows:

Model Name : DVDRW USB 16X (1) HID : 3 TID : 0 Ver.: A087

Finished : fgWriteOneFlashCmdData()
sSendBuf[30]=A0 sSendBuf[31]=9
Finished : fgWriteHeader()
fgTestUnitReadyComplete failed. 0/ 0/ 0
fgTestUnitReadyComplete OK!!
fgInquiryComplete times Out! Drive might be fail!
0/ 0/ 0/

Well, yes it did fail and no amount of recycling power brings it back – even the tray won’t open. Note I have done 3 successful flash updates before.

I’ve read quite a bit on this forum and visited and read the links from the DOS flash recovery thread, but the added complication is that it’s connected to my laptop, so no access to IDE either. I think I’m stuffed !

regards, trom

To answer Trom, I checked with tech support on the IOMagic web site. They had me try a few things I’d already tried, but it confirmed for them that the drive was pretty much totally hosed. They told me they would replace the drive and advised me on how to get an RMA#.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually try a DOS update or anything like that. Once I heard I could return the thing I decided to stop wasting time trying to make it work.


Just to close my question : I took neomojo’s advice and the shop just replaced it after contacting the manufacturer’s helpline. If this one fails I think I’ll avoid any USB-connected writer in future. Now, “to flash or not to flash, that is the next question”…