How Do You Fix Individual Frame sections?

My pirates of the carribean movie backup worked great up to about 52 minutes into the movie, ( a little under half way through), I burned a copy s withouti realizing this, it’s not a bad skip, and the audio doesn’t get to bad out of sync, the audio repeats itself twice in two different areas between 52 minutes and 55 minutes into the film. Is there anyway to fix my avi file? I ran RepairDIVX and it came back with no bad frames, and after watching the video in dept, right before it ( i would call it) drags or distorted for a second, the audio then repeats the next line twice at minute 52 and then it repeats another line twice again right at minute 55.38, then goes back to normal and runs great to the end. is there anyway to fix this small section without having to start all over again? Any helpp would be appreciated. Thanks, Stace

You should perhaps have used Clone DVD or DVD Shrink to back it up rather than rip it to an AVI file.

This link is a good source of info for ripping to AVI.

Of course if you only have the avi file then that would suggest an illegal download that is against this forums rules.

Try using Magic DVD ripper if you want to convert to a perfect avi file

Does the video play fine on your pc (not the dvd, but the actual file on your HD). It is very likely it could be a media issue. Lots of media has problems near the end of the dvd.

I have the original dvd, so it is not a pirated download from anywhere, but thanks for the advice, i will try your suggestions.