How Do You Finalize Discs in 5006?


I’m still getting acquainted with the 5006 I bought a few days ago. When DVD+R discs recorded in the 5006 didn’t work on my Sony DVD player, I bought some DVD-Rs.

After doing a test recording with the 5006, when I ejected the disc, the on-screen message said that I needed to finalize the disc to play it in other machines. But a careful reading of the user’s manual and a search on the internet and on this forum didn’t tell me HOW TO finalize a disc. Would someone please explain how one finalizes discs in the 5006.



Bill; If the 5006 menu is like the 5005, use your remote control and select “Guider” and a Menu will come up on your TV screen. The bottom “Icon” will be “Finalize”. With your Disc inserted, select “Enter” on the remote control and follow the onscreen instructions. It takes but a few minutes per disc normally.

Thanks, Pops!

Again, you’ve given me what I need to move to the next step. Now I find that both +R and -R discs work in my Sony once I’ve finalized them. Yesterday, I just didn’t notice the on-screen message that came up about finalization when the disc was ejected.

One other question: I want to record a movie that’s 118 minutes long, and I’d like to use the 2-hour mode for best picture quality. Do you know if the finalization process will take so much space that the disc won’t finalize with just two minutes shy of 2 hours recorded?


People say you’re supposed to leave a couple of minutes for finalizing. It doesn’t tell you to do this in the 5005 manual though.I’ve recorded loads of discs just letting them fill up and they’ve all finalized o.k…You usually get 2hrs.4 minutes on a disc so i’d say you’d be o.k.