How do you figure the coordinating speed of the hyper-transport and FSB between CPU, RAM and Videos

  1. Well…I know recent CPUs already have the coordinating speed with the FSB such as icore 7, as you stated, so we don’t have to worry about the bottneck or the CPU outrunning the FSB. And now AMD also uses the new tech named hyper Transports, which doubles up the transfer speed. The question is some of those AMD motherboards don’t specify the FSB or hyper transport speed, they only say Northbridge and Southbridge North as the link above:

Bridge AMD 780G
South Bridge AMD SB700

how do we know the speed of the hyper transport(FSB) that matches the speeds of the CPU(or maximize the CPU speed of transfer rate)? especially those backward compatible motherboards.

  1. Is this how you determine the speed of the FSB that matches the speed of the CPU to make them work more efficiently? - We first check the speed of the FSB spec of the motherboard and then compare this with the speed of the CPU. If they both match, that means the FSB can use(utilize the maximum speed of transferring data back and forth)the msx speed of the CPU to transfer data without bottleneck or the CPU outrunning the FSB.