How do you encrypt Dvds Using Standalone Burner?



I am aware it is quite easy to bypass encrypted dvds.

I use standalone duplicators to record events and would like people who purchase them to just have a little difficulty copying them. So I am looking for a affordable way to copy from 1 dvd to 3 dvds with the 3 copies encrypted.


Noooo wayyyyyyyyy.


It will take almost unfathomable experience in Adobe Studio, but you can rearrange the dvd schematic in such a way that it is very difficult to resize and unprotect a disc. At least that’s what the creators of Mind Candy once said.

Then again i think most all-in-one products like dvdfabhddecrypter don’t have any issue finding out how to circumvent these kinds of schematics.


Try this, for sh*ts and giggles…