How do you download



How do you all download, do you leave your computer on all day and all night even if it takes several days?

(my computer isnt that fast only 1ghz with 384mb RAM what i can afford, so thinking what to do)


Get Broadband :wink:


yeh, i have broadband


If your downloading alot then maybe defrag more often. Not sure what your asking. You don’t need a fast PC if you have good internet speeds.


Try going to run the speed test and do a tweak test. You might be able to speed it up with “DR TCP” which you can download from there.


If you have a very fast broadband connection, then as the other poster says definately check out DSL reports or I like I have a 4Mbps download and 384Kbps upload. But I was not getting these speeds. Then somebody here told me to tweak the RcvWindow in the registry and I saw a BIG improvement. They had a tweak tool or something just like DSL reports.

But to answer your question I leave my computer on when I am downloading, for instance I just DL’d the newest Beta of SUSE Linux 10 from over at Beta News which was 5 ISO CD’s and I just let it run till it was done. But then again, I don’t usually even turn my computer off anyway. I just let the monitor go on standby.


I went to the sites and did some reading but i am still lost on how to tweak it. I am using adsl 1.5mb and i have dsl speed 2.11 installed to tweak my system. Is this dsl speed good enough or do i have to do some other tweaking manually. If so can u tell me how cuz i dont know much on tweaking. Thankz in advance


you have to find the tweak test recomended settings , download DR TCP and set the perimeters with DR TCP according to what the test recommends,


ok, thankz


How much stuff do you guys download per day / per week? up to what limit (in Gb) ?

(Bcoz i gotta lot of stuff to download, so far still downloading the same one, but i dont want to be a big or heavy downloader and draw attention to anti-p2p organisations).

This current download of 1.36gb is taking so long, only done 304.5mb, i feel like giving up downloading. :frowning:

how do i find out what my ADSL speed is?

i downloade DrTCP - nothing happend. A box popped and i pressed save and then exit. :rolleyes:

i also did the tweak test, it said it was ok. I entered 8mb as my dsl speed coz i dont know what the speed is, on my isp website it says upto 8mb is the price for the one im paying now.


Any hints to the limitations?

how big is considered to be the major sharers or to get caught or when they come after?


ok lets just say i got down graded 2 weeks ago because of money :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: But i have are 12gig limit befor i am caped and I am caped every mth :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mean anyone can download upto 12gb before getting caught?


lol will think of it this way
As i said one time befor… It is like drug dealers and smoker’s if you deal drug’s then you will one day get done if you smoke it then dont worry to much cus you r the little fish in the big pic. same goes for downloading you download alot all the time and share alot all the time {that is why i hate Bit’s but that is going off what i am saying} then you are going to get watch more so if you are just alittle fish that show’s up to get are file every now and then and dont share program file’s.

so if you used are program like i do that make’s you have share to get in to nice place to get the file you want then share demo’s i have over 40gig’s of demo’s.
so you can call me the little fish that eats like are BIG fish. :stuck_out_tongue:
{if you get what i mean}


I have NAT … I’m using:
Bearshare (Gnutella network/good client) - large files mostly Anime Series:)- almost allways On
Cabos (Gnutella networ/client on Java … like to eat Ram:P) - small files - often

BitComet + BitComet Accelerator (torrent client + 4 torrent files) - difrent stuff funny movies… funny programs :slight_smile: - realy frome time to time

if u got problems whit downloading p2p … try Bearshare:)

if u got lnx try LimeWire :slight_smile: