How Do You Do Full Movie?

hi, i have been using this program since day one and i love it. now i see that you can do the full movie, menu’s and all. how are you able to do this? i know you have to use decrypter first then use dvd2one. but now when i use the decrypter i selectes only the movie. do you just change a setting in the decrypter to be able to decrypt the whole movie then use the full movie option in dvd2one?

please explain.


When you start Dvd decrypter in file mode just do Ctrl A… or click on edit select all.

I did that and I did not get all the extras on the dvd, as when I went to play them they did not play on my stand alone or the computer dvd player

How do you know there are no extra’s as the dvd wil not play on your standalone and pc???:rolleyes:

the moive played but the extra’s did not. the moive was the patroit & the extra that did not play was the, the art of war & visual effects

try using smartripper and backup the full movie i’ve found that to work better

Are you sure your using the “newest” version of dvd2one? It sounds like you have a older version.

it was the new version

Might sound a silly question, but have you compared the Ripped Files from DVD Decrypter to the original Disk, to make sure you have captured everything ?

yes there was 50 files on the original and it copy 50 files i am waiting to see if it was my player as i have loan it out to someone else to see if it works on their player