How do you deal with safedisc 4.85?

Yasu and all the other programs I’ve found only handle up to version 4.7, is there any program out there or method for for dealing with safedisc 4.85?


You already tried disabling your optical drives in the device manager?

Yes, that didn’t do anything.
I tried disabling and uninstalling through the device manager. No dice.
My laptop also allows for easy physical removal of the optical drive and that also didn’t work.
I even changed the virtual drive’s letter to what the physical drives was (just a wild theory.) and that also did nothing.

Not a perfect solution, but I found disabling the secondary IDE channel (which controlled the physical optical drive) followed with a reboot worked. but if I re-enable the drives controller to actually use the drive I’ll have to reboot again after re-disabling the secondary IDE channel to reuse the program.

Just disabling the drive is no longer enough, now the controller also needs to be disabled followed by a reboot.

If that is actually what you meant by telling me to disable my optical drives then sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for the hint.

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right my post was confusing and you’ve to disable the ide channel connected to your optical drives.