How do you create gapless .wav's?

Hello. I’m newbie to this forum (and Nero).

I’d like to know how to create gapless .wav files using Nero wave editor.

What I’d like to do is edit two smaller .wav files into one big .wav file and then later convert it to mp3 or .ape.

Can anyone tell me how? Or point me in the right direction?


Search the forums, it has been discussed a few times I know.

I did that. I did a search and all I can find is how to create gapless CDs when you burn. I don’t want to burn. I just want to store the combined file on my hard drive.

You don’t need Nero to join two wav files. You can use the sound recorder program found in Microsoft accessories (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment) and open one file then add the other file to the first wav and then save. What you do after that is the same for conversion to mp3 or ape.

Wow, simple as that, huh?

Looks simpler to use than Nero wave editor, at least on this particular point.