How do you copy video onto cd

Hello all. Can any of you brainboxes out there help me ? I need to know how to copy video off an analologue video camera, either through the camera itself or off a vhs video recorder, and connect it to my pc so i can put it onto cd via my cd burner. Also the same question for a digital video camera. Ive been told i may need a caption card or some additional hardware fitted to my pc is this true? Iam on a tight budget but would be most greatfull if someone could point me in the right direction Many thanks.
AKA Moose.

Yes you do need some Captureing hardware in your PC. But depending on what your expecting to capture to (VCD,SVCD, DivX, DVDR) would depend on your capture card requirments.

You can purchase for around $50 a simple TV Tuner Capture card that gives good VCD results or then you need to spend a few $100 to get a capture card or Video card with capturing also to get good DVD results.