How do you copy Securom COPIES



Hey everyone. I have made copies of Securom games before without problems. Let’s Use Vice City for an example…

I made a copy of VC from the originals way back. Later on someone asked me to make them a copy, but at the time I didn’t have the originals. So I instead tried to make a copy of VC from my backup copy of VC.

With this “backup” of a backup copy, I tried installing and playing it, but it required a fixed exe to play. But the first backup that was made from the originals is fine.

To summarize, my ? is How do you make a working copy of a Securom game from the non-originals so that future backups won’t require a fixed exe? Or is this possible?


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hey dude,
everything you just told is absolutely not for this forum!
1st: if you don’t own an original of a software you are not allowed to own a copy! The copy is just to make sure the original cd’s are safe while playing / using the software!
2nd: following up from the 1st… so you are not allowed to make copys for your “friends” - you know that, i am sure!
3rd: this forum does not support illegal activities with copying software without owning the original…


This has been pretty much summarized.
Omerta please read the forum rules before making another post.

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