How do you copy original dvd's

Hi can anyone tell me how I can copy original dvd’s.

See here.

Step 1: Go to the local Kinko’s.
Step 2: Open the copier, and put in the disc… make sure the SHINY side is UP.
Step 3: Close the copier, and hit “copy”.


  1. Install AnyDVD to overcome CSS Protection (there is a setting you need to check)
  2. Install CloneDVD2 and copy it or make an ISO, your choice.

What the heck!!! I did exactlly as you said and this piece of paper won’t play in anything!!! These were really expensive disks too, and they didn’t work??? Did I have the wrong side up (both were kind of shiny)? What did I do wrong? The kinkos guy just laughed at me so he was no help. I guess he doesn’t understand real dvd burning… This is all I got out of it, and I tried it on my computer and it didn’t work either???

Fyi, valleyman, there are many ways to do it (softwares). For me the best is anydvd and nero. The free approach is dvd decryptor and shrink.
Programs that will get rid of copy guard
dvd fab decryptor
dvd decryptor
there are several that can handle the copying process. nero and clone dvd seem very popular. Would you like to try free software, or free trials on pay software? The ay software tends to be easier to use (and anydvd, which is pay software is the only reliable way to get past sony arcoss protection though it is only found on sony produced movies).
Comercial movies are dual layer and hold almost twice the data. You can compress (nero, clone, shrink etc will all compress) and fit on normal single layer disks. There is no audio quality loss, and video quality loss is minimal, though those with big screens, plasma tv’s etc, say they can see a diffrence. You can use dual layer and not compress but the disks are expensive and your only choice right now is verbatum dual layer. I would strongly sugest starting with normal single layer blanks.