How do you copy from one vcr to another?

This is my first post here so I hope you don’t laugh me off the board.:bigsmile: I have been taping this one show for my own personal pleasure but I screwed up and had the wrong tape in so now I have 2 episodes on one tape and 2 on another. How do I copy from one tape to the other? I have the wires hooked up going from in on one to out on the other but I can’t get it to work.:confused: When you get through laughing at my stupidity would someone please help me? You can e-mail me if you want if the answer is too long. I know I am an idiot but I would be greatful for help. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Hmmm…off topic from CDR/DVD…but then again, you’re more than welcome to ask any question so long it is legal :wink:

There are several ways this can be accomplished. You can hook up one VCR to another the same way you would do on a TV.

A VCR has a video channel (channel 0, or perhaps AV). If you use the antenna out of VCR 1, use it as antenna In on VCR 2 and hook up your antenna out of VCR 2 to your TV.

If you play VCR 1, set the channel for VCR 2 to channel 0 (or AV), you should be able to record it that way.

Another possibility is to use a SCART cable from one VCR to the other (this is probably when you use the AV channel). The principle is pretty much the same then, in most cases only the channel is different.

You might experience some quality loss (highest in first mentioned setup), but this way you at least should be able to get all shows on one tape.

(this setup would be harder to accomplish when you try this on rental or bought movies, since they often have macrovision protection, causing stripes and other imperfections onto the copy…

All depends on your VCRs though…

Thanks. I have tried both of those ways but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I tried daisy chaining them first and when that didn’t work I tried it with the cables. I knew it was off topic when I posted but I couldn’t find any where else to go and you guys sound so smart. As strange as it may sound it had never occured to me to copy a rental or bought movie. LOL I guess what people tell me is true. I am too honest for my own good. Thanks again for trying to help. I guess I will just have to keep experimenting until I figure it out. I may need to get a refill on my xanex before I try again though. :smiley: LOL


There might be another way…but this involves your PC and I don’t know if you have the hardware for this (and it will most likely cause loss of quality).

If you have a Graphics card with video in, or even better, a designated Video capture card (such as Pinnacle products), you could capture the movie to your hard disk (mind you, this will take up wuite some space). Once captured, you need to have video out again to play it back and record it with your VCR.

The procedure described in my first reply used to work for me back in the old days…

I have no idea how to hook a VCR to my PC. It doesn’t really matter anyway I already have my hard drive pretty much full. LOL I did finally get it to work. It was just a matter of getting the wires plugged in differently. Oddly when I did it the way it was supposed to work (output plug to input plug) it didn’t. I am just happy I finnally figured it out and got the shows transfered. When I upgrade my PC and get a cd burner I will probably be back to ask more stupid questions but at least they will be relevent to this forum. LOL


Are your cables working correctly? might be wort checking out.

Or maybe your VCR has Macrovision protection. I’m not sure however if it’s active if you try to copy tapes you have recorded yourself.

Did you have to reverse the cables??

It was all just a matter of getting the wires plugged in the correct plugins and having both vcr’s set to channel 3. I am slowly coming into the 21st century. LOL Thanks for all the sugestions.