How do you copy double sided Dvd's onto a single blank Dvd?

G’day! I’m one of the many masses of new people here, and I have a question that i cant find answered in any posts and/or threads… How the devil do you copy double sided Dvd’s onto a single blank Dvd? My Father owns this movie and I love it to bits.

Rip each side to your HD using DVDFab Decrypter(FREE)
and use DVD Shrink using re-Author mode to merge both titles together making sure you remember which title is side 1 and 2
and use Image Burn
All 3 programs are FREE

Thanks! Greatly appreciated.

Just 2 more little questions… (sorry to bother)

  1. It seems that when i downloaded and installed DVDFab Platinum it says in 30 days the “free trial” period ends… Did I download the correct version? Or is this normal?

and Lastly 2. When i open DVD Shrink and click Re-Author, I select the first side of my disk, and i get an error message… I’ve posted a pic below… Any tips?

Check this out:

Hi Stooged!]
!st thing you downloaded DVDFab Platinum which is not FREE but is a ALL-IN-ONE program I and many others use it the 30 day trial is normal so you can see if you like it, if you use it you will not need the other programs.
Anyway I was talking about DVDFab Decrypter which is FREE and you can find it at the link below
The popup dialog that you got from DVD Shrink is normal when you use the Re-Author mode it is just letting you know that the menu will not work(short a speak)
PS…DVDFab Platinum also as a “Merge” is a NEW feature does a very good job too, if you do go with DVDFab Platinum you may want to check out the DVDFab Forum here in CD Freaks at the link below


I would like to thank you all. I’ve sucesfully copied my favourite movie :smiley:

Sorry for all the work i might’ve caused

Can you tell us how you did it :confused:
Darn offline, wonder what program or programs he used :confused:

At the cost of DL media and that most flippers have FS format on 1 side and WS format on the other I usually opit to copy each to its own Disc for a cost of $.75 max.
Since you have Fab Platinum there is a merge feature that can be used, but evaluate if cost of a DL is worth thrcontents on this disc,


I used DVD Decrypter to save it to my Hard Drive (both sides) went to DVD Shrink and clicked on Re-Author, Put both sides on the disk and clicked burn…

Ive just tried to play it… And it’s not right… Something fooked up…

Do you still have both sides on your Hard Drive :confused:

Yes, Side A and Side B…

I don’t know whats gone wrong… :confused:

Follow the guides posted.