How do you copy Boardmaker Plus?



Hi everyone. I am new to this whole thing. I am a teacher and I just recently bought a copy of Boardmaker Plus for Windows. It costs $399 and I want to make a copy of it in case it gets scratched. I tried CloneDVD and Alcohol 120% and it kept giving me the message “Cannot authenticate the disc” or something like that. What should I do?



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hmmmm Try CloneCD. It copies CD’s and DVD’s.


I tried that. It will copy it, and I can install it, but you need the cd to use the software. And when I put it back in it says its not authentic and is not the original.


Please scan the disc and the installation directory with a protection scanner so we can give you better advice.


I am after the same solution. i wish to copy a back up copy of Boardmaker Plus version 6.1.4. Can you tell me how to do this. I have never done anything like this so the instructions need to be extremely clear thanks.


As already suggested in this thread would you please first scan the installation directory
(and maybe also the disc) with a protection scanner like Burnout or ProtectionID.


I believe that it uses Securom as its protection scheme but, as Terramex has stated, please conduct the recommended scans and let us know the results.


Hi folks,

hopefully i can get some information on this thread by posting the requested info, I also want to make a backup copy of this but have been unsuccessful. I scanned the disc with burnout and it returned

SecuRom 7.33.0011

any advice would be graetly appreciated

thanks for reading


I managed to make a working backup using Deamon Tools,


[QUOTE=Parman;2601600]I managed to make a working backup using Deamon Tools,[/QUOTE]

Hi how did you do it ? do you need the deamon tools installed


Install deamon tools on pc. This will allow you to make a working backup of the disc.


[QUOTE=detour1;2788371]Hi how did you do it ? do you need the deamon tools installed[/QUOTE]With DAEMON Tools it’s the same principal as with Alcohol: RMPS emulation must be running in the background.

As mentioned in the other thread your only option is Twinpeak (or a Plextor Premium).