How do you copy battlefield 1942?



I took my bf1942 cd1 and used alcohol 120% set to safedisk 2, and when it went to read the disk it gave 100’s or 1000’s of disk read errors, I cancelled the processs after about 10 - 15 minutes of giving read errors. What am I doing wrong? I would really love to make a backup of this cd cause I lent it to someone for installing purposes (they bought the game, but lost cds) and that person scratched the disk up (never lend your stuff), There is nothing wrong with the disk though that would be causing these read errors, disk quality test comes out fine.

Has anyone successfully copied this game and tell me if there is a way to do it? Also something I would like to know, is it possible to combine both cd’s into 1 dvd? and still have it usable?

Drive: NEC 3520A, firmware: 1.24 liggy’s and dee’s beta1 (modified)


Just be patient and let the reading process complete. Unreadable sectors are part of the copy protection. There will be between 550 and 600 unreadable sectors in the first 10,500 sectors or so of the discs after which the reading process will return to normal speed.


has any one ben able to backup a game with safedisk 3.2 on it
im trying to back up call of duty united offensiv & medal of honor pacific assault
i tried using A120% and clonecd both with no sucess . Could any one help
i have two burners 1 is a lite on 16x dvd-rw sohw 1613S AS04
And a sony cd-rw 48x crx215E5 6.1 G im using A120% 1.9 and clonecd


Backing up SafeDisc 3.2/4.00 is very much hardwear dependent now. The best drive for SafeDisk is Asus but they cannot play the back-ups. You need a liton drive or simlar for that. After Asus drives, I would say Lite-on are second best. My lite-on drive has been able to back up and and play every SafeDisc and Securom ver. I have fed it. Iv never used Sony drives so I dont know bout there capabilities.



wow cool, I got a working copy with alcohol 120% :slight_smile:

It took a long time though, but now that I have the images I can burn as many as I need from the image files ?


Yeah you can.


use gamesxcopy or gameclone, they even work on halk life 2


Anything works with Half-Life 2 now, if you have the patch (the latest one removes SecuROM).

Ben :slight_smile:


@glennjet - I very much beg to differ. Alcohol 120% or CloneCD would be best for this title.


Would NERO (COPY CD) work for copying Battlefield 1942 DISK 2?


No It wont.