How do you copy an entire DVD disc to your HD?



I will be getting a DVD Burner in the next couple of months. I have ripped some of my DVDs to my hard drive and I am familiar with how to do that. But that only rips the movie. I used SmartRipper for that. I have tried to copy the entire contents of DVDs before to my HD and I always get errors saying that it cant copy. I was wondering if there is a way that I could copy the entire DVD to the hard drive, so that I can burn it when I get my burner. I figure if I copy the DVDs to my hard drive now, all I have to do later is copy the contents to a DVD. I want to make backup copies of all my DVDs that I own so I can put the originals away.

Also, my DVD player for my home theatre is my Playstation2. Is there going to be any problems with the PS2 reading burnt DVDs? Any help would be greatly apprectiated.

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actually ripping just the main movie or the whole disk is kinda the same thing, so if it doesn’t work i’m sorry but it is you’r system’s issue - maybe you ran out of space?
anyway with smartripper you only need to select the “backup” tab which will bring up a page with all of the files on the dvd, allowing you to rip down everything - easier than that… :bigsmile: :wink:


ah…thank you…I am definitely not out of space (as you can see in my sig) because I have 6 hard drives in my system. I never knew you could select the whole DVD. I will try this when I get home.


best way and easiest way I found to do dvds backup is dvdshrink and nero

just make folder on desktop and then use dvds shink and it will put the files on desktop folder if youwant … and bingo …u have all your dvds on hard drive …and then you can still watch them too if you want

plus dvd shrink decyrtes and encodes all for ya …so you dont do extra steps adn takes around 30 min to 45 min depends on size of dvd plus if you need it compressed it will do it too …really easy program and it is freeware

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I am using a Samsung SD616 DVD drive. It never seems to rip at any higher than 6x. Most of the time it is around 4x. Why is it that a 16x DVD rips so slow? Would a different DVD drive work better? I was thinking of getting a Lite-On 16x DVD LTD166BL for $38. Any suggestions would be welcome.




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I was asking about PandaSoft, if it was free or not. Went to the site and saw price. About the same as other AV. Thanks anyway though.


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I still dont know why my DVD is only ripping around 4x-6x and it is a 16x DVD. Any suggestions on a new DVD would be appreciated.

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xtreme …

what program are you using to rip with ? and is it showing speed ? what about another program what does it speed show ?

any dvd firmware out for it ??


some dvd drives limit their rip speed with CSS encrypted dvds, so that might be what’s going on. another possibility is that u’re ripping dual-layer dvds, which rip at a much slower rate.


I am using SmartRipper to rip the DVDs. I havent tried any other program yet. Does DVD Shrink rip DVDs? I cant remember. So I guess a new DVD drive wont fix the problem huh?

I guess I wont waste my money on that then.


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but yes dvd shrink can make images
just make folder on desktop and put the image there when you hit backup point to folder …

dvd shrink is freeware and very easy to use …it compress…encodes and decrytes it all … it is the wonder boy of programs …

i like it alot and so do alot of other users i know that i hve shown how to use


oh i have dvd burner listed in my signature … given me no problems and backup all my movies …over 100

and i used just dvd shrink and nero …cause any other version had bugs …thanks nero


Hi xtreme. I have a Samsung SD-616 DVD drive too, and I have the same problem. I guess Samsung just didn’t allow >5-6X ripping with their firmware.


@ Bhairav , what program do you use to rip DVDs?

Someone said something about the DVD discs being dual layered and that could cause this also. When I rip the DVD it takes up about 8GB of space on my drive so I DO think they are dual layered. (at least the ones I was doing : DareDevil, The Hunted, The Recruit, National Security)