How do you copy a multisession audio CD?

Hi, I want to backup an audio CD that is made up of 2 sessions, i.e.

Session 1: Tracks 1-14; the songs.

Session 2: Track 15; the data made up of videos and other extra stuff.

How do I make a complete 1:1 copy of the CD so that the audio tracks are still playable in a normal stereo, but with the data in Track 15 still there?

Can anybody please tell me what software I need and how should I go about it?


Easiest way is to go to Nero, select “Copy Disc”, select destination drive to be “Image Recorder” and then burn the .nrg image when you’re done. Step #3 probably isn’t necessary (i.e. you could try burning on the fly), but I’ve always done it that way.

Could also try doing it as a CD-Extra.

Your first suggestion about using Nero worked! Thanks for the help, Tyro.

Alcohol 120% can also do the same thing, I understand.
Is one better than the other at doing this?

Thanks again.