How do you copy a DVD to be used in Russia

I would like to make a DVD copy of one of my DVD’s that can be viewed on a DVD player in Russia. I Think, although I do not know for sure, that they use a different system than we do in the USA. I know this is true for VCR tapes, and need to know if it is the same for DVD’s.

I use AnyDVD, and for copying the DVD’s I use 1ClickDVDCopy. Both are up to date with latest revisions and updates.

I guess they use also pal system, best would be to have a player which supports reading both pal and ntsc.

Yes if you use AnyDVD and make it Region free it will work OK !!! Russia also uses PAL system same as the rest of Europe.

@ coathi, the original poster is in the US.

@terryleemartin, do a search for “NTSC to PAL”

you’ll find that there are no good solutions aside from purchasing a dvd player that will play both formats. software solutions are unreliable and usually end with poor quality. if you’re willing to give it a shot, dvdsanta is often recommended for this purpose with the warning that the BEST way is to purchase a multiformat dvd player.

dvdsanta and avisynth would make this possible…