How do you circumvent copy protection from off air signals?

Hi everyone! I have a Toshiba DR4SU dvd recorder which i bought to record a lot of the television shows i like to dvd. I have a dish network satellite system with the model 501 dvr. I am having trouble recording certain shows off air…they shut my recorder down…they also do this when i store them on my dvr and try to record them from there. Only certain shows do it so i am assuming those shows have some sort of a signal sent through them that shuts my darn recorder down. Now to me this is most frustrating since i am paying for these channels and have never had any trouble recording anything in my life. I think that by paying for the channel you are also paying for the right to record a show to watch again the future however i know it isn’t seen that way…lol I was wondering if there is any way at all to get around this form of protection from an off air signal? If not then i guess i never should have bothered buying a dvd recorder because you can’t record anything with it…lol Thanks for your help!

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What type of DVD recordable media are you using? I find that the “+R” media will shut a recorder down unless it’s formatted (YMMV). My experience has been “-R” works best where you want to record form the analog input of the recorder.

There is no copy-protection that I am aware of as long as you use analog (and I know you are because the 501 does not have digital outputs unlike my 921 dvr).

Yep, there is copy protection on preminum channels know as (CGMS)
which is used by the DVD movie companies to stop piracy. '
Take a look at this site:

Hi guys. Well i am using the -r media but that has nothing to do with it. It’s not just premium channels that is doing it beither because i tried to record the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards on FUSE and it shut my machine down which prompted me to locate this forum and ask the question is there any way to circumvent it. Is there a chip in the recorder i can remove? Is there a device i can purchase to hook my 501 box into and then from it into the recorder that will stop the copy protection? I am at a loss but there has to be a way. The funny thing is they will let you record to a videotape with no problem but when you try to tape it with the dvd recorder it shuts down. I even tried taping the show to videotape then transferring from said videotape to dvd and it still shut the recorder down. Frustrating to say the least. Thanks for your help!

Hello all, I’m a newbie to the forum and wanted to say hello. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better and hopefully I can bring some of my knowledge to the table to help some of you. On with my questions…

This is a response to Planc’s last question and also an inquiry as to anyone who may have tried this route to recording their favorite shows on cable. When I got my Comcast Motorola DVR I recorded a slew of movies that have never been and may never be released to DVD. I was excited at the prospect of being able to possibly put these onto DVD for future viewing as they are rarely shown on tv. Then I found out I would need a DVD recorder for my tv as the Motorola DVR is a pain to try to hook up to my PC. I started researching and found so much confusing and conflicting info I wanted to scrap the whole idea. Then I found out about copy protection on tv shows and movies!! What a pain… it’s not like I’m selling them on ebay I just want 1 copy to watch at my convenience.

Anyway… I set out to Best Buy and found a fairly knowledgeable guy who steered me away from buying one of the cheap $60 burners. He said he uses a Sony burner (roughly $175) and then he also purchased a little box that attached between the burner and the tv signal (I suppose) and apparently breaks the copyright so that you can record (another $100). They were out of the devices and he couldn’t seem to find out who made them so I haven’t ever been able to find one.

So this brings me to my question… does anyone know who makes a device like this and where to buy it, and have you been able to successfully use this device to record movies and such that are copyrighted to your DVD recorder. And last of all, if you have been successful at this what DVD recorder works best with this device? I would love any feedback I can get.

The guy at Best Buy showed me what the device looks like so I know it exists, he said he has been able to record about 98% of the DVD movies and television shows he has tried to record with no problems. He mentioned having problems recording Jurassic Park or some movie like that but that was basically it.

I’ll leave it at that. I hope to hear from some of you with experience in this area.


I have yet to have any problems with my LVW 5005s

You want one of these guys…here’s a link:

Hi, I am new here and recently attempted to record with my Sony DVD recorder the “Loaded:Britney Spears” program that ran this past Saturday. I received the “can not copy-copy right protected” and my machine shut down. At first I thought something was possibly wrong with my machine. Then I got on my computer and found this site. I was shocked as I was unaware that any TV stations do this! I wonder, is it common with FUSE to do this? (That was the channel I was trying to copy it from). And if we are unable to copy things from a station is there any way to by pass that or even buy a copy from them-does anyone know?

The Dimax Grex is supposed to remove the broadcast flags.A post in another topic today said it was successful at doing this for them.
I will try my Grex if I ever encounter this so far I haven’t.
Mostly I’ve used it for removing Macrovision from VHS & a few discs that the computer rejected but did one to one on a couple of standalones with the Grex in between.