How do you check for errors on burnt cds

What I mean is, I’ve read quite a few posts about people reporting errors , bad blocks, etc. Are these errors reported by the software the’re using while burning, thus producing a coaster?
Or, does the cd appear to have finished successfully, and the’re checking with some other utility giving them this info.
If the’re using another utility, could someone point me to it. :slight_smile:


CDSpeed, WSES, readcd

Originally posted by gamehunter
Or, does the cd appear to have finished successfully,

it always claims to be “finished successfully” (unless grose errors like buffer problems or other arise),
but the result is not so nice and sometimes even a total disaster since you cannot even read the burned data. if you deleted your hard disk data, thinking your CDR/W backup is OK then you are in big mess!

For this reason the tools recommended by ALEXONE are a must!

And if you use Nero you have the option to VERIFY the written CD. Never miss the opportunity to use this option since it,at least, esures you that it will be possible to read back the CD in your Burner!!!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Can you point me to where I might download these programs.