How do you change booktype of +R to -ROM?

I want to take a Divx Movie and convert to DVD using VSO Divx to DVD. Do you change booktype afterwards, during or while recording? I have a BenQ DW1655 oem drive flashed to retail firmware.

I usually use -R’s but someone gave me +R’s to make them a couple of movies and I didn’t want to tell them I can’t (don’t know how) use them. I need to learn to convert them for future use. Any help would be appreciated.

MSI K8Neo4 v 1.0, Athlon64 3200+ 2.0 @ 2.6 Ghz, 1 Gb OCZ PC4400 ram, 300Gb Maxtor SATA HD, Winfast 6600GT PCIe, Thermaltake Typoon4, Benq DW1655 Writer.

Well you are in luck. By default, BenQ burners burn +R disks as DVDRom. In other words, they do bitsetting automatically with +R disks, including +R, +RW and dual layer +R.

I am certain this is true of my BenQ 1620, but looked it up anyway in the FAQ’s in the BenQ forum.

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Hi :slight_smile:
One way is to use QSuite 2.1 (both QSuite & its manual can be downloaded via the links in my sig). This (bitsetting) is done prior to recording. If you check you should find DVD+R is already set to DVD-ROM.
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Fish is supposed to be good for the brain, isn’t it? Lord knows, my brain could use some help.

Anyway Hecdtec, don’t be afraid to use +R’s in your burner. My favorites are Taiyo Yuden +R 8x.

Hi Hecdtec
What’s your problem abour +R discs? If your burner does burn them you have no probs.
Ok bitsetting can improve compatibility as they are seen as DVD-Rom discs, but most present players can play them (maybe some topset devices don’t, but its becoming a rare situation) and if your friends gave you the discs they are suposed to be able touse them.

I’ve only a “stupid” DVD-Rom drive that can’t read +R, as my home players have no prob about.

About your other question - you fix the bitsetting before you record the disc as zebadee indicated before…

If you use Nero you will have no problem, but there are other packages and even software that uses to come with the drives.

This used to be an issue sometime ago, with discussions going on about the better discs (with +R and +R supporters showing strong positions), but these seem to be passed days, and as Kerry 56 told you your drive does bitsetting as a original feature.

If your burner is capable of bitsetting +R discs to ROM, why not do it just to be safe. 97% compatable with stand alone players is a lot better than 70%.
just because the player you are using now reads +R discs is no reason not to. Why are most burners today capable of bitsetting if it is not necessary.

You can never change a booktype on a dvd afterwards, it’s done during the burn.