How do you change booktype for DVD+R DL in a BTC 1016?


I am having problems changing the booktype for a DVD+R DL disc.

I can easily change the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+RW using either NeroCDspeed, DVDInfoPro and the bitsetting tool from, but i have problems when it comes to DVD+R DL. If anybody knows how to change the booktype for DVD+R DL (assuming its possible) could you please tell me.

My burner is a BTC 1016 with firmware A091.

Thanks for reading this.

It okay, i managed to resolve my problem.

I download version 1.08 of the bitsetting tool from

instead of the 1.05 version from and it allowed me to change the settings for DVD+R DL!! All other pieces of software wouldn’t allow the change for some reason…?? But it doesn’t matter now.