How do you burn xbox 360 games

i just bought memorex dvd+r dl discs and i tried burning l4d2 on three of them and it would burn just fine but when i put them in the 360 it says play dvd instead of play left 4 dead 2 or play game and after i click play dvd it just goes to a black screen then says cannot read media i make sure i select the .dvd file and such and i tried 2x and 2.4x speed but also some one told me to change the book type to go and click dvd+r dl then under that dvd-rom tthen change but the thing about that is when i try to click that it says FAILED incompatible medium and if they mean the burner cant handle it thats not true so realy i donno what to do i realy want to play l4d2 and i realy don wanna waste any more of the discs i payed $37 for i wasted 3 and have 12 left:sad: oh and i kno my 360 can play backups cuz i play my friends backups on my 360 all the time

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Did you ask your friend how to do this properly? For one thing, Memorex DL media doesn’t work that well with most burners. Unless you have a burner that can handle them, you’re always going to have problems.

The only DL media guaranteed to work is Verbatim.

What is the brand name and model number of your burner?

What is the rated speed of the Memorex DL media?