How do you burn movie files to a dvd and play them on a dvd player or xbox 360?




I was just wondering if someone could explain an easy step by step process on how to convert avi files so that they can be playable in a dvd player or xbox 360. We want to burn a show that is 21 gb in total, so we can’t just transfer it to an xbox hard drive because its larger than the drive, so we want to burn the episodes to dvds and be able to play them on the tv through the player or xbox 360.

the supported format for playing videos on xbox 360 is .wmv, however im lead to believe it can play dvds (like if you rent a dvd you can pop it into the xbox 360 and it’ll play, but if you play videos from the hard drive it can only be .wmv format)

we dont know anything about burning, so if you do offer any advice keep it simple, we’re at wits end trying to figure this out, and already we’ve burned 2 coasters, and we have to reformat one computer due to a misleading video codec/converter program. (any advice on reliable converter programs would be helpful)



I typically use either VSO ConvertXtoDVD or Nero Vision to convert .avi to DVD.


thanks for the reply. we have nero ultra edition enhanced, will that have the capability to do that? if so can you elaborate how to do it or at least offer a guide that can walk us through the process?