How do you burn DVD's?

I was gonna make this a poll but why be cliche… that and I think there are enough polls around here.

Question is simple, how do you burn your DVD’s?

I like to burn my DVD’s in re-author mode of DVDShrink, because I like to remove all commercials, menu’s, sub-titles, second languages, and trailers. I simply drag over the main movie file and deselct all all option in compression settings tab except for 5.1sound in AC3 format.

When I start a movie, I like for just my movie to start, plain and simple, nothing more, end of sentence, period.

How about you?

DVDFab, no compression, no parts left out…as close to a 1:1 backup as possible (it autimatically spans a DVD9 to 2 DVD5 discs…). This app is perfect for me…idiot proof :wink:

Lazy - Any and Clone DVD, Titles Only.
Not Lazy (Action or Favorite Movie) DVD Rebuilder and QuEnc.

Me’s lazy too, I really like the Any/CloneDVD combination to copy the titles only, with 5.1 sound and sometimes subtitles too.

Very carefully :iagree:

Every month I get 200 GIGA in iso format.
So I just have to burn them.
The boys who deliveres them do all the compression work.

I just have to lay back and watch…

LOL @ Namoh. I thought you would say something like “coat them with lighter fluid, then strike a match…!!!”

I use AnyDVD by itself or with DVDDecrypter (depending on encryption, as only that combo got me around the copy protection for Hitch), usually just AnyDVD while 1clickdvdcopy reauthors, then use CopyToDVD from VSO to write to DVD. (I tried CloneDVD2, but even after reading the onsite guide and another more “detailed” guide [that still left too much out and still assumed the user could just waste some blanks trying to learn it], I found it too complex and even made 1 coaster out of a prime TY I had, so I ditched it long before the trial was up.)

With a dvd burner :stuck_out_tongue: I like dvd shrink for removing everything but the main movie. No messing with PUO’s:Puke:

Sersiously, I know about movies, do I really need 8 trailers at the beggining of my movie to remind me of movies I already have? NO! And if I want to skip through them I shoud be able to, of course that will be illegal soon if some get their way.

I usually sarcrifice a newborn child in a pool of flames, summon Beëlzebub, throw in a couple of virgins and get a freshly burnt DVD. :bigsmile:

Is that 2 newborn and 4 virgins for dual-layer? :eek:

I use VobBlanker to remove all the unwanted angles, trailer-trash, previews, audio streams, and extras first. For large motion menus, I also use VobBlanker to convert them to still menus. Then I use the menu editing feature of PGCEdit for disabling buttons that access anything I’ve removed and then run that lot through DVD Rebuilder.


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can i like my answer to the guide i made ages ago??? :D…here it is >>

For about one or two days, I’ve been building a tower made of boxes that contain DVD and CD disks and other things. Because CD/DVD towers are fragile and difficult to maintain. I bought a robot cleaner plus a steam cleaner so I need to have the floor and balcony without filled with hardware and paper things. The robot seems to work OK, but I can’t find its remote controller after using it for just one or two hours, maybe it’s in one of the boxes. :frowning:

I thought it would make a great toy for my daughter. She enjoys watching it at work but she’s afraid of getting very near it, maybe she’ll overcome it very soon. Not dangerous, easy on soft clothes, furniture, human flesh, etc. :slight_smile:

The robot hid the controller - it doesn’t answer to the name Bender does it?

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Kenshin: Is it a roomba? I have one and love it. When I moved out of my apartment I just set it to start vacuming and 2 hours later I came back to get it and the carpet was all nice and clean

But it’s programmed not to climb something or jump over onto another room. It’s all just a small (3 by 3 meters, like) open space, so nowhere to hide something. The robot itself is less than 10cm tall and doesn’t have any arm. I considered some expensive robot cleaners of European brands and LG but the US$300 one I ordered seemed to do the basic things at a much lower cost. Also, the maker’s name Yoo-Jin is my daughter’s name as well, minor coincidence.

To answer the starting post’s question directly, I burn DVD disks in LG, Pioneer, BenQ, Lite-On, Samsung, Plextor, NEC… and other maker’s drives and usually burn either AVI files or DVD or HD files. The HD files are largest. Band of Brothers in HD easily require about over 20 DVD disks. KBS of South Korea has a documentary program called “KBS History Special” broadcasted in HD. 100 * 60 minutes. 1TB so over 200 DVD disks. These days, because I’m raising a 15-month-old daughter, I spend more time in thinking about the history, than remote issues discussed in future studies so I collect as many documentary HD programs, mostly history, geography, archeology, space science, biology, health, etc. Also from BBC, National Geographic, NHK…

I rarely rip DVD titles to HDD and also rarely compress DVD dual-layer to fit single-layer blank DVD disks. If I wanted to burn to single layer disks, I usually don’t have to do it myself because I have enough friends and fellow forum members that do it. If I wanted to watch DVD titles, I prefer watching DVD dual layer on HDDs.

About video quality: If I wanted better quality, I prefer HD in 1920*1080, not further compressed to MPEG-4 or WMV. If I wanted smaller size sacricifing some quality, I prefer DVD-ripped and DivX-encoded AVI files of 700MB size to fit one CD-R per title. Not sure why but PowerDVD (of recent versions) seems to play HD better than VideoLAN 0.82, maybe something in PowerDVD’s default preference setting is more opminized for smooth HD playback.

That entirely depends on the content of the DVD. If it’s a complete 100% correct 1:1 backup of a movie (so Dual Layer), usually Beëlzebub wants to have three virgins and two babies. He hates crying babies though.

If it’s an illegal ISO he just needs two virgins. Not older than 22 years old of course.