How do you burn DVD AUDIO's?

i can easily make copies of dvd audios that are less than 4.7 gb but i want to be able to make them for bigger discs also without losing any audio quality. i tried deleting the VIDEO_TS folder because i dont care for that and just burning the AUDIO_TS folder but they wont work. then i tried to burn one with the audio folder and the video folder minus the large files in the video folder and agin would not work. please help if you know of a program that does or know of another way! thanks

I may be wrong but I believe that it can’t be done at the moment. If only by speculating, someone answers to the contrary, you’ll know more than when you first posted :wink:

Not haveing seen one of these myself but have read up a bit on it. The VOB files/Menu etc in the VIDEO_TS folder appear to actually control, the playback of either AC3/DTS/LPCM from the VIDEO_TS folder or the HQ tracks from the AUDIO_TS folder. If the files in the VIDEO_TS folder contains DTS or LPCM track, rip them out (using Shrink or DVD2One or similar) leaving the smallest audio only (the AC3). Then if itas all small enough burn to DVDR with the AUDIO_TS folder.

oddest thing!! i tried that and it wont work, then i tried it again and left the audio folder out and then the video would play?!?! i used shrink and only kept the tiny ac3. i burned the video portion on the dvd and also the complete audio folder and it wont even read it. but when i leave the audio folder out, it will go straight to the menus and play the video. i am soo confused!

Maybe Shrink is removing the ties to the AUDIO_TS folder in its compression. Try using DVD2One, they have a timed demo available. Also I assume your burning these trials to dvdrw’s to save a few coasters.

yeah of course i would have wasted about 10 or 15 discs if i was using regulars, i couldnt figure out how dvd2one worked, ill have to try it again. thanks for the help ill let you know what happened

By the way, are you playing these dvd’s on a special DVD-Aduio player or just your normal DVD Player? If your normal DVD Player are you sure it supports AUDIO-DVD’s. You will be just playing the normal AC3/DTS tracks from the VIDEO_TS folder anyhow if your DVD player does not specifically support AUDIO-DVD’s. Then just leave the AUDIO_TS folder empty as you will never play the files in there anyway.

yeah these are all for my dad, hes got a pioneer elite dvd player and he loves to buy these dvd audios and sacd’s. he wanted me to make a bunch of backups.

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ok i tried dvd2onefor copy mode i used “movie-only” and i selected no audio streams then i tried burning it with the audio folder and it wont work. should i rip it a different way? let me know if i should try using a different copy mode or something. thanks

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I would suggest selecing the whole DVD, not movie only but also remove all audio except the AC3.

wont work :frowning: i igeuss ill just burn them all with just the video folder. thanks for all the help though!

Maybe you can use DVD-Audio Solo 1.3

Integrated DVD-Audio authoring application to burn DVD-Audio discs with high resolution, 5.1 surround music. Support wav, aif, flac, mp3, ogg vorbis, cue sheet, pictures; up to 192kHz/24bit. Built-in recording and high quality up-sampling. Simple to use, good looking user interface. Enjoy audio at the best available DVD quality.


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